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This privacy statement explains how PBN Hosting SL collects and handles personally identifiable information.

The statement provides information for current and prospective customers, website users, suppliers, partners, and general information about how we process personal information.

The general manager of PBN Hosting SL is responsible for processing personal data in compliance with the Personal Data Act and related regulations.

Personal information refers to information that may be attributed to a specific individual.

Personal data processing

PBN Hosting SL processes personal data in connection with individual assignments only to the degree required to complete the assignment.

The data may include information about the customer and the customer's customers, but it will not contain sensitive personal information.

Our internet sites

Cookies are used on the website as part of digital marketing.

This includes IP addresses saved in Google Analytics, Facebook pixels for re-targeting, and Google Analytics data that can provide insight on how to improve user experience.

The data is subject to Google's privacy policies.

Personal information is defined as an IP address since it may be linked back to specific hardware and thus to an individual.


Processors of data

PBN Hosting SL has entered into data processor agreements with its suppliers who have access to information about you, ensuring that the information is processed in line with GDPR.

Partners and suppliers

Personal information such as contact person's name, e-mail address, phone number, and address are gathered from our suppliers and partners to the degree necessary to run the contractual relationship and implement the agreement.


Personal information about existing and new customers is handled in connection with our marketing in order to send newsletters, offers, and the like.

This is restricted to contact information like name, email, phone number, and address.

If this is not acceptable, please contact us using the email address provided below.


Access to information

Everyone who wishes to knows what personal information PBN Hosting SL collects has the right to do so.

In addition, the data subject may request that incorrect information be updated.



When there is no longer a valid need to keep personal data, it is erased.

Consent, choice of law, and location

The privacy policy applies to all users of our website, and by using our website, the user consents to the processing of personal information in line with this statement.

You accept that any disputes will be resolved in a court of law in accordance with Spanish law.

Changes to our privacy statement

We will always adapt to current privacy requirements, which may result in modifications to our privacy statement.

Cookies are required.

Required cookies must always be enabled in order for us to save your cookie preferences.

We will be unable to save your choices if you disable this function.

This means that every time you visit our website, you must agree to the use of cookies.

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